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The 47 Ronin
I signed up for Seabees as a Steelworker and I don't think its as hard to get in as they make it out to be. VERY FUNNY MR. SEAMAN, I'm sure thats the last time I will hear that one.*sigh* haha
Eh Vinnie! Some wearing beret, most wearing ? Pls. edumacate me.
Our head dress is called a "Balmoral" has our Regiments crest on the side of it rather than the front , the other two guys were from our sister Unit the "Seaforth Highlanders' thats why they got berets
wahhhh! i havent been on this forum in soooooo longggg! good to see some familiar names/faces? XD its beeen quite a while... heres me during the summer at camp! :D
Hm, life lately.

My friend from NY came down to see me. He actually played in the server before, ign "chow".

Uh, story of my weekend. My black pumps are still missing till this day :(


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pix2011Mar17 090.jpg Nice pussy cat Saint!!! I have 2 but no Siamese. I recently got a dog. At first, cats didn't like that at all. They get along better now.