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The 47 Ronin
As much as i like to conceal my identity i think its time to show the world how a Korean + Chinese kid looks like :p

Some funny pic with me and gf after our alumni at our school yes we are eating Balloons!!!

Picture of me and my gf and her friend at the Hotel W in LA for party

Me and gf at the beach
Maybe you need to lie down for a bit. Here let me dim the lights for you. What? Oh, that's Marvin Gaye. You like it?

Okay, I'd say that was a pretty good test run. Now we're ready to go live! Oh yeaaah.
Is this the reason why you adopted me? Shame on you! LOL.

@Ghonzo, I can finally stop picturing the muppet one as well. Yay~

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
@Ghonzo: You, sir, appear to live the Life much like I imagined, although you appear younger than my imagination would allow. Thank you for sharing! Now I can flash your photo in my mind every time you HS me! :)

@liljenn: What can I say? I'm a bad man? Maybe here on the Interweb we can allow our avatars to play out our silly fantasies that will never congeal in our real lives. All for a bit of fun, eh? Somehow, however, I do fill a tiny bit of shame mixed in with the humor, perhaps because I see your finger wagging at me in its "tsk tsk tsk". It's a miniscule amount but it's there. Oops, now it's gone. :p