The 47 Ronin Official Movie! Release date here!

Keanu Reeves... I liked him in Constantine and The Devil's Advocate, not so much in the other movies. We'll see how he does in this one.
That movie poster reminds me of a book cover.


OMFG KEANU REEVES!!!! I will see this on opening night, even if none of my friends up here in Washington understand why I am excited about this movie. Keanu Reeves.. + 47 Ronin... its like a wet dream, but real.


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The 47 Ronin
bad news is = 47 Ronin Goes Overbudget; Carl Rinsch Removed as Director

oh well. as long as it comes out eventually.


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I liked the last samurai. I know it has a lot of hate. but I loved it. I grew up watching ninja and samurai movies though. the good ole days of going to block buster and renting american ninja 1 and 2 , enter the ninja, revenge of the ninja.