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Marketplace Rules and Regulations

(1) This forum is strictly for the buying, selling and trading of goods. No other posts.
(2) All thread subjects should begin with the following to identify type of offer.
WTB: Want to Buy
FS: Selling
WTT: Trading
Q: Quotation
(3) Sale, trading, quotations for, or purchase of software is strictly prohibited.
(4) All transactions for sale of products priced $500.00 USD or more requires a writing between buyer and seller.
(5) All transactions require photograph, and proof of ownership.
(6) No sale of contraband is allowed including (drugs, weapons, chemicals, sexual favors, et al.). If you are unsure about whether or not your product would be considered contraband, please consult with your local state law enforcement agency or applicable federal law enforcement agency.
(7) All payment is to be handled via PayPal and delivery of goods is to be agreed upon and handled by individual buyers, sellers and traders.
(8) All prices, unless specifically indicated otherwise in the post, must be in United States Dollars.
(9) Do not post external links to sales outside of the Marketplace. This includes links to eBay sales or other forums regardless of veracity or if it is your sale. If you are selling it and want to sell it to 47Ronin Marketplace Forum users, it should be posted here.
(10) 47Ronin Forum administrators and Marketplace moderators have absolute discretion in enforcing the rules herein. 47Ronin reserves the right, but is not obligated to, remove any and all posts that do not comply with Marketplace rules and general forum rules.
(11) 47Ronin reserves the right, but is not obligated to, deny use of the Marketplace at any time for any violations or for any reason.
(12) Failure to comply may also lead to denial of access to 47Ronin forums altogether.

Marketplace Requirements for Use
(1) Users of Marketplace must be a forum member with 50 posts or more, or be a 47Ronin Clan Member.

(2) Once the item is sold please reply to the thread and reply
"The item has been sold".
(3) Used or new products can be sold, except for software or licenses to software at any terms set.
(4) Basic terms for all sales must include the following: (a) Sufficient Description or name of product to be sold, (b) quantity available, (c) Price.
(5) Basic terms for all purchases must include the following: (a) Sufficient Description or name of product to be purchased, (b) quantity to be purchased if possible.
(6) Basic terms for all trades must include: (a) Sufficient Description or name of product to be traded away, (b) quantity to be traded away, (c) sufficient description or name of product to be traded for, (d) quantity to be traded for.
(7) If you have no set price, please do not post price negotiations on the forum. Posting interest or intent to purchase is acceptable. All price negotiations should be handled via Private Messaging (PM).
(8) All other terms such as shipping should also be discussed via PM.
(9) Posts where transactions have been completed, where products are no longer available, where there is no longer interest in seeking to purchase a product, where the price is no longer available, or where the offer becomes invalid should be removed or edited as required.
(10) After the transaction are complete you must leave a feedback on iTrader, both buyer and seller must do that, please read this thread on how to use iTrader:
iTrader How To.

(11) Failure to comply with requirements for use will result in denial of use of Marketplace.

Terms and Condition of Marketplace
47Ronin Squad Forum Marketplace (hereafter named 'Marketplace') is a free forum service for all forum members who have met all requirements and agreed to all terms, rules and regulations set heretofore. 47Ronin Squad (hereafter named '47Ronin') provides this service on a license basis and reserves the right to revoke use of Marketplace at any time for any reason. 47Ronin shall not be held fiscally liable or legally responsible for acts of buyers, sellers, traders, and independent parties in any event of loss or damage incurred as result of using Marketplace. Use of Marketplace other than for permissible purposes and contrary to any rules and stipulation stated above shall be considered a violation of the use by 47Ronin. All sales and transactions are considered to be made at buyer's and seller's own risk. 47Ronin bears no risk of loss at any stage, and bears no responsibility for the sale of stolen goods or contraband. 47Ronin has no obligation to provide mediation or arbitation in any dispute over products, quality, or terms of agreement. Should you be dissatisfied with your dealings here on Marketplace, 47Ronin bears no responsibility and your only recourse is to discontinue use. All content posted on Marketplace is subject to the rules and stipulations, however, 47Ronin does not control and is not responsible for quality or content posted. Should there be a violation, it is your responsibility to repair the issue or report the issue immediately, but at no time is 47Ronin responsible for any action by other parties using the Marketplace. Marketplace requirement for payment is PayPal, and 47Ronin bears no responsibility for any theft of property as a result of transaction through PayPal. Your use of Marketplace is construed as implied agreement to all terms set forth here as well as additional terms that may not be articulated here, but added in the future as necessary.
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