TFS DragonBall Z Kai Abridged Parody


I was always a fan of Dragon Ball Z while growing up, but this just made me LOL because it ALL makes sense!
I was a HUGE fan of the Dragon Ball series. When I was a kid in Taiwan, I'd do nothing but read the comics. Even though I wasn't able to make out the story (I can't read or write Chinese), I still enjoyed the art. Actually, I just made my own story LOL. But yea these voice overs are hilarious!


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At one point I didn't miss a dragon ball episode in months!
Dragon Ball is one of the few cartoons that was well done.
Dragon Ball and Dragon ball Z were the best.
Dragon Ball GT I think it was poor in many ways.
Yea I never got into DB GT.. I think when that majin boo character started showing up, it just went downhill. Cell was the most bad ass character IMO. The movies were pretty good too. I always enjoyed watching those.