TF2 Server Suggestion Box!


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Post suggestions here!

I'll start:
So I've noticed the server does very well with Dustbowl 24/7.
I was thinking maybe moving up to Dustbowl/2fort 24/7?
I am not sure how well 2fort does, does anyone have any input in this?
Ohhh Tf2 my old friend. that game reached its peek 09 and was the most fun In a game I had ever had. Its still fun but if your new to it you missed out. The reason the game went down a bit was because of all the weapons and items they were adding to the game where over wheling, no one was shure what gun did what and it was starting to become confusing. Well as for maps My favorites were dustbowl badlands and egypt .....tah best

stay away from 2 fort my least favorite map :p
I agree. 2 fort isn't really too fun of a map. I say you add another objective besides control point like dustbowl. I vote for a payload map like pl_goldrush. i enjoy playing that map
yea I dont like 2fort, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE, to see well.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE well. such a fun map. it would be nice if we had our 2 base cap map, and then a back and fourth capture map as well.. and maybe gravelpit? I think thats the name? thats a good one too.