TF2 can some one explain how to play it, seems like its impossible to kill any one


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i don't have the patience for this game... don't understand the fun in it.
the turrets are done by using the "Engineer" and you press 4 to bring up a menu and you should see a turret option there
and then you beat on it with a monkey wrench to make it more powerfull.......
Thats why i will only ever be in the server to populate it.
so if you ever need a non-stat whore medic, im first in line


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I just started playing the game myself, so I am still a noob at it. Being the engineer is kinda tricky because sometimes you'll spend 5 minutes upgrading your sentry gun and dispenser and put it in the wrong place and have it blown up in 5 seconds, or even worse, get shot carrying it to a new location. The easiest ways I get kills is with a scout, pyro or sometimes heavy (especially at the beginning of the round)

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Well, I'm an avid Brink player even though it is mired by so many problems.

The game runs like TF2, but with better training exercises. Too bad the online play is shit until they fix that shit with the new full game fix in the upcoming DLC.

Offline game is okay, but the AI bots are semi-retarded
I never seemed to have a problem with engi, theres also two synergy items that work very well together if you dont like spending time on your turret... theres a mechanical claw item that makes it so your turrets build really fast, but they cant be upgraded... or healed I dont think... but the good thing is that they can be used on the go. The shotgun that goes with it is that for every kill your turret gets, you get criticals on your shotgun equal to that number when it dies.

TF2 drives me crazy as well. I just choose the Pyro or Heavy and burn/shoot bitches in my way :)


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Lol Jenn XD

Btw how did u make that sig?? i always wanted to make an animated sig maybe ill make one of me kill u in GG server :p