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Report Players Team Flashing for more than 10 rounds / Trolls


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"Josh" STEAM_1:0:31794601 03:23 133 0 active 128000

"tyzen" STEAM_1:0:33795236 37:42 53 0 active 128000

"Jagentay" STEAM_1:0:43702360 21:31 108 0 active 128000

Time: Tuesday , February 10 2015 . 5:45 ish
server ip:

2 demos uploaded

Ps: because of these trolls many people left the server.


A Stable Carbocation

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oh, maybe it was GO. for some reason I thought it was css. I don't always check thread headings when I get a notification, lol. Most of the time these are in CSS. At any rate, I'll deal with it tomorrow.