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certain areas hurt more than others. [dead center on my wrist hurt like hell cause he kept going over it to color it in and shade] but overall it isnt bad at all.

and i cant wait for my tax return! time for a new tat finally. havent gotten one since feb of last year. the longest gap between tattoos since i started getting them.
works both ways with clothes too ,

Dress like a total douche get treated like one , have tatts in douchey places get treated like one

example , suit dummies who walk around like they own the place all the way down to some teenager with low riding pants hoodie sideways hat strutting down the street eyeing everyone down .

its all pretty cheesey
bruins tattoo.jpg

just got this today...super spontaneous :)

gunna get the blanks filled in with yellow i have decided. it's not the traditional B, but i like it that way!


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The 47 Ronin

I just got the patience tattoo a week ago.

I have two more but don't have pictures of them. One is on my upper left shoulder and the other lower back (tramp stamp as many call them)