Tank/// Application

No worries guys. Just been to busy. I'll still be around. ;)
Yes .. no worries... but forum activity is the same as in game activity.... ive been removed from the clan due to lack of forum activity..... so step your game up...... i see that you have interest in this clan but actions speak louder than big booty hoes....... STAY ACTIVE AND BE ACTIVE!
Tank and I were in the GO server last night -- he is a good player, and communicates well over the mic.

+1 from me! Just stay active on the forums. Even 2 - 3 posts per day helps a lot, and if you can't find something to post, start a new thread :)
Yea, I'll be around now. Like I explained to Icewolf. I just didn't have a computer to get onto the forums from home. Now that she is built (check out the build section) I can post whore all day. ;)

Thanks for the +1's fellas. I'll be on again most the week. All but my morning classes were canceled. ;)