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Hey all,

I jsut wanted to apologize for not being on much. I think you guys all played more on the fist day than I have in total. I'm not one to make excuses so I just want to apologize. I don't really think that I have what it takes right now to represent the 47 Ronin. You guys are some amazing players, and this is my first FPS since BF2. Things have changed a little. I still hope to play, but I doubt it will be very much until the end of the semester. I'll still be around though, I've got some training to do.


The 47 Ronin
Your a good guy though SG I wouldn't mind it if u were on the team what so ever skill wise, this is a community. Activity is a good thing to have on the forums but if school is in the way of playing, then take care of your priorities for sure, don't think that will hurt your application though, your time and service is not forgotten here in 47r, ill +1 ya whenever your ready to play some more.
I second what Fuzion fact I applied almost a year ago but due to work and school I had to resend my application...however I stayed active in the community and on the servers as often as possible. And sure enough I reapplied and was accepted. Hell even if you're not 47r, if your a regular, you're still treated like family.


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Same here, I support what FuZion said.

FuZion and HavocSP are the BF3 division leaders, so it's their call if are in or not.

I personally think as long as you show some weekly activity on the forums and servers then you will be fine.

I preordered the overall game from Best To Buy because I'd a gift certificate, so I don't have beta access. I had been searching for possible squads to become listed on around the official BF3 forums. 47 Ronin appeared to become the greater professional from the west coast servers, which there have been very couple of.


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+1 what fuzion said.

We understand that life takes a high priority over gaming, but when you have the time to game, we'll be here. I would think that if you were able to stay mildly active here on the forums; when you are able to game more your re-app would approved.

GL with school!