SupremeGunman Application

Name: James J Adams
Age: 22
Location: Boise, ID
In Game nickname/nicknames: SupremeGunman
Your favorite hobby: Aside from games? Math, CompSci, Anime
Your favorite movie: Tron Legacy, AMV Hell 4, Bill and Ted, V for Vendetta
Games you play: Deus Ex Revolution (current), Forza 3 (long term), WoW (off and on), Minecraft, (looking forward to Skyrim, SR3)
How many hours a week are you online: lol, like whenever i'm not in class/ doing homework. 70 hrs/week mabey. But its not all play.
Your previous squad/team: Never joined a squad before. Looking forward to playing a bit more serious.
Why did you leave your last squad: N/A
How long have you been playing in our server: N/A
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: I am really hoping that BF3 is a game that I can really play hardcore. So I want to do it with like minded people to keep me motivated.
Tell us about you: I am a student at BSU, Math Major, CompSci minor, 14 credit hours this semester. I work 30 hours/ week. I am available to play most evenings. 40Mb/s Century Link Internet.


The 47 Ronin
Nice App! Welcome to the forums SG, or should I call u JJ? do you play any Bad company these days? quite a few of us are playing that right now to warm up to BF3. Myself and Havoc are the division leaders for BF3, were usually on almost every evening playing a few hours of BC2 right now. Weekends are a big time to play too, This weekend I wont be here so Havoc will probley get ahold of you. you can add me on steam @ or

A little about the team so far:

Division Leaders
Fuzion (Myself)

Recruits within application process:
Supreme Gun

were looking to expand on this list, so if you know a friend, please have him put up an application. Thanks



Staff member
Thank you for applying, please stay active on the forums and keep checking this thread regularly.
Do you have early beta or beta?
Also where did you hear about us?
Was it from the BF3 forums?
I preordered the game from Best Buy because I had a gift card, so I do not have beta access. I was looking for possible squads to join on the official BF3 forums. 47 Ronin seemed to be the more professional of the west coast servers, of which there were very few.


Staff member
Anyone that pre-ordered should be able to access early beta.
I am not sure if Best Buy does that, I think its probably for only the people that pre-ordered through origin.
May want to double check that.
We try to look and act professional, I think our website speaks for itself, we spend money to make this the best community ever.
From what I can tell beta access is only for Origin preorders. The professionalism of the 47 Ronin is reflected in the quality of the members, and from what i've seen so far your quality is top notch.