UNBANNED [supersaiyan]Straightjack3t STEAM_0:0:265685

May I appeal this here?

In Game Nickname: Straightjack3t
Date Banned: 8/8/2011
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:265685
PunkBuster-ID: (Battlefield Servers only)
Reason of ban: wallhacks
Admin that banned you: MBenson
Why we should unban you: I wasn't hacking and I like 47r as a server. I've been playing here on and off for the last year and a half.

To explain the smoke kill. That was luck, but here's my explanation as to why I fired into it. When someone smokes tunnel and you can't see in or out of it, typically that means someone may be rushing through the smoke. I was just shooting random cover fire, luck gave me the hs.
understood, straitjck3t. there is a second demo that will be posted. if the majority of members and/or Icewolf says the demos are insufficient as proof of hacking, you will be unbanned. For now, I made the ban for 1 day only pending review of the demos. please be patient while we go through the review process.


The 47 Ronin
hahah all I noticed is me and dick cheney saying the F word. Great Demo guys! Honestly, I didn't see anything suspicious. I often get multiple kills scouting tunnels when its smoked and they try to rush B.

It also says something about his character that he immediately came to the forums to get unbanned and is being very polite. So we will wait and see what proof dick cheney has I suppose.


Staff member
fwiw, i have not watched the demo(s) but i have specc'd straightjacket before after he's made some "woah wtf" kills. i've yet to see anything indicative of hax in real-time... and, as d00b mentioned above, he's always been a good character guy in the pub that i've seen