Super 8

Don't read if you haven't seen the movie. Or expect to be spoiled.

Man, I really love Kyle Chandler. Ever since Early Edition. Loved him more on Friday Night Lights.

I was slightly confused on who died in the beginning of the movie. I thought it was the kid's sister until it was made clear it was his mom. Take anyone one else a little bit?
There was plenty of small one liners off to the side with the kids that made me laugh. Didn't realize kids say "pussy" alot.
I really liked Elle Fanning. Must be the eyes. Plus her acting. I dislike her sister, Dakota Fanning. Elle looks much older than 12, must be a white thing.
The spider looking alien was pretty cool looking.
The trailer threw me off on what the movie actually was.

They didn't really explain why it took the people and hanged them upside down in his lair though.
How can a man survive a dead on crash with a train? Low percentage I suppose, but possible.

Pretty good acting by the kids I suppose.

The movie at the credits was awesome. Zombies!
Despite this movie pretty much being The Iron Giant, it was good. I really liked how the movie revolved around the kids making a movie in the midst of this huge cover up.

I thought the kids were amazing actors for being so young.
I loved it! I really love how he made them not say anything about the movie and made sure the trailers did not reveal very much. It was so incredible seeing a new movie and not knowing what to expect! Why must they show us the whole damn movie in the previews! Fuck that! I try to avoid them these days.
Funny thing. Asian movie trailers are pretty damn long. You can easily figure out the whole story. Yet, somehow they are still worth watching.


The 47 Ronin
Movie was amazing, the kids did a great job acting and i was sold. Would of wished that it didnt get resolved so fast.
"that drink isnt yours"
"Im thirsty, and im in a warzone!"