Steve Jobs Dead

Pretty amazing business guy.

I remember when iMacs came out and didn't have floppy drives. I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. But they were right, that most files would soon be sent over the internet and floppy drives/disks would become totally irrelevant. Zip drives were big then, but a little expensive still.

I remember getting my first iPod, which was an iPod mini. 3 months later there was no such thing as an iPod mini, and instead an iPod nano. I was pretty pissed about that lol, because they no longer made accessories for the mini. I hardly used it and still don't though. Never bought another one--not because I didn't like it but because I learned I don't care to use portable music devices.

Apple has some smart freaking business people who make good products. Steve made a great company.


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Yeah Steve Jobs is a very good person who created so many good products for all the apple users! And it is a bit of pity that he died at the age of 56 which is still young though.