Star Craft II: Starter Edition

el jorge loco

Staff member
This is actually just a short notice about Star Craft II. In an effort to grow the community, Blizzard is offering folks with accounts free-limited access SC2.

SC2: Starter Edition includes the 1st four missions on single player and limited multiplayer access.

Just wanted to keep you guys in the loop for those of you who don't have SC2 and want to try it out before buying it.
Getting ittt ,
SC2 is so good not sure how much its running for now though.. when I got it , it costed about $60
hopefully its gone down by now


The 47 Ronin
Ive been waiting for it to go down in price, I can't afford 60$ games every month and then try to competitively play all the time, I need to be good at the game or else I wont play it. SC2 is very fucking competitive. If they wanna grow the community, make the game 30$, then I'll consider.

el jorge loco

Staff member
Well, if you have no interest in the single player campaign, and granted the nerfed multiplayer only gets rid of certain content, then why the hell not?
I love the game, I just don't ever have anyone to play with to give me pointers to get better X_X Getting your ass whopped constantly makes the game boring.