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Star Craft 2 Review

Platform: PC
Strategy RTS

We all have those games that come out every five years or so that make us say wow and we keep coming back to them again and again no matter how old the time period is. Its been a 12 year gap between the first game and this one. At first glance they would seem to be the same game and almost like an update with superior graphics. The game does look alot better but the units handle so much more fluient then before and the maps capture the mood perfectly of each scenario.

Well knowing Blizzard games they allways make them very addicting, the way they do this is by adding leagues into the game so players will allways want to make it to the next league by promotion of winning many games or they may get demoted to the league under them. This game is very hard and can be frustrating at times, but things that provide a challenge are tons of fun and you keep coming back to it. For each unit there is a unit that counters another and is countered by basically saying units are good against and bad for other units with high DPS or low.This forces a player to make a quick estimate against the enemey and decide if his army will come out on top. Each race offers different types of game play, ZERG is buggy like creatures that are a dime a dozen and are quite aggresive beacuse of how cheap they are. TERRAN are basicaly humans with a medium cost and with good defensive barriers.PROTOSS are very expensive units with great technology and spell casting units. Just like the last game or any RTS there are resources to be collected. They are Minerals and vespine gas. Workers are made to collect each one and bring it back to its command center. Minerals get units out fast while collecting gas gets more tech upgrades causing different vectors of attack or spells. Each race is a perfect addition to how the game is played. The big advancment the game has done is the new match making system allowing each game to be close depending on your skill level. Winning games gets you + points and losing gets you - depending. The amount depends on if you were favored or unfavored to win. 100 players are in a pool with you and you must gain points to get to the top(getting + points) and the end of the season (2 months) you must play a placment match and if you are top 8 you have a good chance of promotion!


Leagues: I will show the different leagues and the skill behind each

Bronze: Very low skill level, with a loose build order and not much unit control APM:15-20
Silver: An understanding of unit counters and build orders APM:20-30
Gold: A good understanding of mining and expansions and micro APM:30-50
Platanium: Build orders are natural more advanced game tactics of macro and micro with little error APM:50-80
Diamond: Very high actions per minute aceptional macro micro, good map and unit control APM:80-100
Masters: Near perfect strategys and control of units and scouting/map control APM:100-200


Single Player: I beat the single player a year after I got the game, It has a slow and steady aproach to things and really gets better as it goes along. Its intresting to see how the lore pans out but the focus of the game is the multiplayer but the single player is still worth the time to play through, I had fun with it.

Graghpics: There has been a great improvement in how the game looks but im more impressed with how flexible it is if you have a bad computer you can still play at 50 fps on low settings and after a while you dont notice the quality. However on ultra the game looks very delicious and has this certain shine to it that makes the game very appealing to anyones eye

Content: This game has so much to do in it , it makes me sick. There are many challenges to play there is the single player there is Ai practice league games custome games and group games. There are allways mods being made in custome games and are alot of fun to play

Conclusion: The game is near perfect for any Rts or Blizzard fan, the game however feels limited in the units to build and strategys to use at this point in time for veteran players but the new expansion will change that, so for a score no game can be perfect in my eyes but this one comes dam close 9.5/10 I would pay 100$ for this game its nothing but quality

el jorge loco

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Firstly, thanks for the review Commander.

Some of my own comments about SC2:
- It's sad because they've been promising the Zerg campaign FOREVER (Heart of the Swarm)
- Mostly boring and even empty MP, except for custom maps


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Sweet, you play SC2 often?
I've played SC2 day and night for 3 months until I burned out. :)


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What makes Starcraft 2 more awesome is the wide variety of custom games that makes the whole thing fresh.
Also the amount of strats a player uses is new every time you play a new opponent, so it keeps you guessing all the times.


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Omg ,, Starcraft ,, wow , it take me back 12 yrs ago ,, I used to love this game ,,
And my next. Game will be almost the same as Starcraft but for iPads and androids