Stabbin' Hobo joins you

Hey everyone. I think most of you know me by now, been playing on the cs server for quite a long time. Figured it was about damn time I joined the forums. Besides for playing cs since forever I play just about any type of game that is of high quality. Besides gaming, I mostly rock climb inside/outside, hang out with my girlfriend Jen and do things to my car. Also, my real name is Mike.

See all of you in cs,


civil servant

The 47 Ronin
Right on, Stabbin'Hobo! Or, Mike if you prefer. It's all casual. Welcome to the community. When you get situated I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to hear about your rock climbing adventures, cars, games, and whatever turns you on. (y)
Hey thanks guys. I mostly rock climb at this gym in Redmond, WA. Vertical World. Its ok. Outside, I head out to Leavenworth to climb almost every weekend.
Me climbing on a boulder in Leavenworth.

I have had a VW Corrado since I was 18. First car that I owned. Love the thing but damn, it's a labor of love! A lot of time and a lot more money (way too much) has gone into this thing. But it's awesome (finally, fuck) and I am very happy at this point.

When I am gaming, I play lots of CS, obviously. Game never gets old. Only other game I have played as long and as consistently as CS is Super Smash Brothers. N64 of course. I accept any challengers! Other than that, I have recently been playing loads of Fallout: NV (loaded up with mods), The Witcher 2, Starcraft 2, L4D2, Batman AA, a little bit of Crysis 2, TF2, other stuff. I game a lot. Way too many games, usually dont finish them. New Vegas was an exception. Put over 80 hours into my first character, almost at 40 with my seconds. Games dont hold my attention like they used too, which is kind of sad.

However, I am so stoked on a ton of new games coming out! Skyrim, BF3 (47r getting a server?!), Deus Ex 3 (Deus Ex 1 is one my top10 games), SWTOR... I know there are others. Just cant remember right now. Too many!

Anyway, time for CS. See you in there.