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The 47 Ronin
I wish I never read this thread. I was happy with my $40 SSD until deciding to give the same benchmark app a try.
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I hope that makes you feel better, Fuzion. haha

I believe the only reason why your getting such low results. is because you have that 32gig installed for the OS, so you dont have any room on the SSD really. The lower amount of space u on the SSD, sopposively the lower benchmark you will receive but doesn't mean that its running slow. Considering my SSD has 85% free space and its going this slow:

Means you are actually probably doing better then I am, patriots are one of the faster products as well.

I found the answer here:

Support Question 40gb vertex 2 slow writing speed - Page 3

After fillin up the SSD with re-writes and files:

After doing a Secure SSD Wipe:

And after doing even MORE extensive research, I found this as well:

Windows 7 and the SSD TRIM feature

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 support the TRIM function, which the OSs use when they detect that a file is being deleted from an SSD.

When the OS deletes a file on an SSD, it updates the file system but also tells the SSD via the TRIM command which pages should be deleted. At the time of the delete, the SSD can read the block into memory, erase the block, and write back only pages with data in them. The delete is slower, but you get no performance degradation for writes because the pages are already empty, and write performance is generally what you care about.

Note that the firmware in the SSD has to support TRIM, but the good news is that firmware updates are coming out for many SSDs to add TRIM support.

TRIM only improves performance when you delete files. If you are overwriting an existing file, TRIM doesn't help and you'll get the same write performance degradation as without TRIM.

From: OCZ Agility 3 SSD review


The 47 Ronin
Wow, I didn't know half of that, especially that the performance degrades as the drive is filled. I guess a 32GB drive is screwed from the start with Win7 taking 2/3 of it. haha
I only use this computer for CSS and it's definitely booting and running things faster than the platters, so I'll probably not screw with it further. I don't think my mobo even has an AHCI option in the BIOS, but again, I'll sweat the details later when I go bigger.

Thanks for the lesson, Fuzion. You post for help and end up helping others. ;)