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The 47 Ronin
I don't really care which squad I'm in. I wouldn't mind taking charge of the engineer or assault/medic squad or being a supporting medic for any squad...
holla at the noobie squad! (me, sakin, awoll, rev) !
We still need to name our squad. You guys have any thoughts?

I have one idea for it. Name our Squad: "Where's your head at?" and our squad tag could be ": )?" at the end of our names. Let me know what you think.
>.> I wanna play with people. I do fine with just about all roles, depending on the map and need. Mmm, though it seems support is the class i do play the least of.
my squad will be named... MercSquad short for mercenary squad.
all sniper squad... and maybe an engi or medic.
so s-dawg you would be perfect :p
but anyone is welcome to join as long as you practice your sniping! it wont be a super serious squad, but we will have a lot of fun I promise you that.
although it could be a serious squad if we have all the squads together on one server playing different roles.

by merc I also mean murk... but apparently the correct spelling for murk is merc.. short for mercenary. heres the urban diction for murk :p
Urban Dictionary: murk