Speeding ticket


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I had a ticket once going 85 or so on 65 zone. CHP wrote it down for 75 instead. Paid about $300 total. Make sure you go to traffic school or your insurance will go up pretty high. I learned from it. I drive 65-70 on 65 with cruise control. Less stress and saves fuel anyway. Don't have to keep scanning rearview for cop.


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I did 30 on a school zone with lights blinking...I got. $100 fine...this was when I was 17...
I deserved that one and I am thankful they caught me...I am very careful nowadays...
I got pull over for going 80 in a 70 and it costs me $120. But I believe if you are in the 10-20plus over the speed limit, it might be roughly $300.


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cap, good rule of thumb, ALWAYS do school when it's offered and, if it's not offered, show up to traffic court with your hat in hand and the commissioner will reduce your fine 99% of the time


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You may already know this, but you don't have to go to court unless you plan on fighting the ticket. I've gotten a couple, but I just paid'em and did the traffic school. Second time around, I did the traffic school online. Instead of sitting for 8 hours in class, the online version had 8 chapters and quizzes. I printed the material to PDF and had a quick open book test, so I was done in about an hour or less instead of 8. I'll be going that route again if I get another ticket.

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If you are in California, they are or have closed a loophole where you can do traffic school more than once during a calendar year (or yearly period). So be careful about getting them tickets.
also check to see if you can do your traffic school online (as opposed to attending a real class). my cousin got a ticket a month ago and did her traffic school over the internet. took like an hour.

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