south park Vs simpsons Vs family guy

south park doesnt run out of material... south park gets better and better as the internet moves on... they target big things that are happening in the world or the internet, and make it hilarious and ironic... thats why I love south park.
Simpsons seasons 3-7:One of the best and smartest shows ever. They changed how comedy was done.
South Park seasons 5-11: Absolutely one of the most clever (Yes clever and smart are different) shows. They changed how comedy was done in their own right. They were groundbreaking in comedic style like the Simpsons just for a newer age.
Family Guy seasons 1-3: Use to be my favorite but it just got old after that. It really is just a bunch of pop culture references and cheap jokes. Being offensive isn't really smart or funny most of the time. Its just shock value laughter.
Futurama seasons 1-4: My favorite show ever. I have watched all of those episodes at least 10 times each.
With the simpsons when they have an celeb guest (wich they started doing recently) they let that character be apart of the show and make them a posative character
with south park they do the opposite and make celebs look bad and its GREAT examples:Russel crowe, Paris Hilton,Justin Bibeber,jersey shore, Mel gibson and lots others

Simpsons and south park realized they needed to keep up to date with pop culture and only south park suceeded!