south park Vs simpsons Vs family guy

What is the best animated series? And not just recent episoded but all series

My thoughts:

Simpsons:Was great from start-2005, show started to lack jokes and added pop culture and electronics to try to stay relevent to new developing auidiences

SouthPark:Early episoded were amusing but not great and developed over time, now is hilarious and has dark comedy (just the way I like it)

Family guy:The jokes are ethier VERY FUNNY or are terrible, and most the time thier lame and drags on cutscenes WAY longer than needed

Its very hard to say but for me south park wins by a hair followed by simpsons then family guy


The 47 Ronin
The Simpsons are og, grew up watching it every night but now I don't care for the new episodes very much. South park and family guy.....Thats a tough one. I keep up with both the shows still and find both equally fulfilling and entertaining. What about Futurama? haha Thats another one I love.


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i'm old enough to remember a time BEFORE simpsons! when they were only a cut-in during the Tracy Ullman show! lol

simpsons = grandaddy of adult network animation

family guy = i agree, the jokes are either lame or ridiculously good imo

south park = i used to be a HUGE, HUGE fan... now i just watch every here and there. it's not the same without the shock value it had the first few seasons - nobody had ever seen anything like it before. watch the first pilot - jesus v. santa claus... fucking classic

el jorge loco

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The problem with the Simpsons these days is that its original audience has grown up. Essentially, the Simpsons has been relegated to limited episodes due to an almost exclusive use of Korean animators. They've touched on everything important and have run out of fresh material. Watch old Simpson's episodes and compare it to what is being offered today, what you have is a product that is vastly different.

Family Guy had a popular resurgence following its cancellation on Fox, which was one of the dumber moves Fox made with their Sunday night lineup (akin to Star Wars). However, one of the reasons why FG can be off-putting is the series of non-sequitur jokes that tie into the episode-based storyline. No one episode determines the actual composition of the characters psyche and makeup except in to be continued episodes. For example, one instance is Peter's evil twin brother Thaddeus. In another episode where Lois' sister Carol gets divorced, Peter opines that he doesn't have any siblings. That being said, that shit is hit or miss funny.

South Park is the perennial spoofer with a bit more continuity. However, it too has fallen on the weight of its own success. I mean, their episode "Simpson's Did It" was pure brilliance on repetitiveness of TV cartoon hijinks and issue-tackling. However, you can only get so much out of Cartman being a gay neo-nazi cheezy-poof porker.

Futurama was possibly one of the saddest cancellations. The show always had potential to keep going, but perhaps this was for the best looking at its older brother.


The 47 Ronin
Futurama keeps coming back, I think they are currently making new episodes. They have all the episodes for free on, but its not loading right now for some reason. I just finished watching the latest 5 or 6 episodes, though this site sold out and now only lets you watch a certain amount of minutes a day I guess (still enough for a few episodes)