Something came in the mail today


The 47 Ronin
Haze how much did you pay for yours??

I just got a quote from SG for $1300 and its already a sweet deal :D

SG does the OC Automatically start if you run it or how does it work i never OC anything so dunno how it works beside the fact it boost your GHz and framerate XD
Depends on the motherboard. the p6t deluxe v2 has an auto profile selection so I put a OC profile in and put the ram in xmp mode and whenever he runs a game his profile activates. Thats only for the cpu. some motherboards will allow you to switch between profiles and some will not. Asus has some great motherboards and my all time favorites are the asus rampage editions. I can switch between any mode on the fly and even use my mouse in bios. Overclocking is really just "eye candy" for the user. Most games never will require you're cpu to run past it's default settings. Plus you really don't get a huge amount of fps from overclocking. Although the game will run smoother in some instances. for example gta4 on the pc is cpu hungry so overclocking with that game on does allow the cache to keep up with the gpu. But cs:s, bc2, company of heroes and most other games you wont see a big gain in overclocking. I offer it just because I like to see how stable I can get a rig. It's something I like to do and I really don't know why. Anyways, a six core amd cpu will chew up a game just as good (slower than an i7 but not noticable when gaming) as most other cpu's from intel.
I can't remember the exact specs of my PC, been thinking of OC. I built it myself, 3.4 ghz i5 quad 8 gigs DDR3 6950 GT 750 watt PS 30 GB SSD with a 1TB backup Win 7. Ran the Steam vid stress test at 290 FPS. Got the parts on newegg at about 1000$. Does the trick for me. Still thinking about OC