Something came in the mail today



Mad props to george for the build. The prices he gave me were pretty unreal. If you're looking for a build, I'd def go through him. So far it runs great, I haven't had time to really test it but will do so tomorrow. 290fps in css test.
No problem Haze glad I could help a brother out in need of a computer. Your computer bitch slapped bad company 2 and crysis 2 like they were chuck norris on the charlie sheen train. Your burn tests were spot on around 4.6 but I put the cpu at 3.8 and overclocked when gaming to around 4.6 to save some power and also some noise. But you wont have to overclock that 6990 at all.
the case is nice it's like the cosmos case but the specs are

i7 960 3.3 OC 3.8-4.6 at xmp mode

ati 6990

asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard

8 gig corsair 1800 ddr 3

Rosewill 1100 watt power supply

windows 7 64 premium

and I forgot what I quoted him at but he has the free upgrades and he has half upgrades in the future. basically pays half of the part he wants to upgrade and I pay the rest when I get the part he's upgrading. it's a pretty sweet deal. But thats what I'm here for.
George, how did you manage to get the CPU to OC to 4.6, I am stuck @ 4.2
and....How does he select his OC, just in the BIOS? orrr whats up with that?

Tried to get to 4.6, left the Voltage on AUTO but it fails to load?,

shuold i just try setting the Voltage manually around 1.5-1.6????

can u remember the settings you used? can you post them please?
Too be honest fiend it depends on the cpu itself. Some just can't Overclock past a certain point and some can. I really never go auto unless it's in xmp mode (based on the memory speed) but I would do manual 1.5 a try, burn test it, but at 4.2 you're still burning through games and really wont see much of a gain from 4.2-4.6. Maybe two frame rates at the most but gaming wise you couldn't tell. btw, anything over 4.0 with an i7 is great so you did very well with that over clock.
Thanks george,

Yah, ive just been trying to fiddle with other settings to try and lower my Voltages

4ghz 160x25 @ 1.3125V

4.2ghz 200x21 @1.3875 ish(not exactly sure, not on that comp right now)

but ive been playing with enabling line load, or leaving it on auto. I tried upping the IOH and ICH voltages to 1.2 instead of 1.1, but im not sure if they had any effect.

Do you have any suggestions of things i can play with to help with a lower stable voltage>?

Oh and P.S. Air conditioned rooms really help with cooling, im able to keep my room at 65C which has dropped my cpu temps 5-10 degrees.
ya I'm not a fan of having auto on unless you have the rampage series mobo like I have. However I would start at 800 bus standard voltage and push the bus speed first. once that starts to get unstable then do the voltage. For air cooling I try as much as possible to leave the voltage alone and just push up the bus speed. Once you start changing the voltage then heat definitely becomes a factor. Also remember you need to up the ram speed as well. the ram speed can (depending on the mobo) cause instability as well. I wish I had his settings but it's saved in his mobo. I write down the settings in my book so let me get them.