some of my favorite WoW screens


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lol ok, one more set before i stop for tonight

learning to mass-kill while my healers learned how to keep my tissue-paper wearing ass alive

leading raid damage charts while topping the latest and greatest bg - alterac valley - EPIC 48 hour struggles... nerfed to hell just several short weeks after these screens

DING! 60!

possible future topics:

-WoW porn
-hangin' with the alliance ... in bgs and ally-towns (ie, roasting marshmallows on a campfire in flagroom in warsong gulch... 1 of me, 9 of them... blizzard-balance gone bad)
-favorite costumes/masks
-rares i've come to know and destroy
-elites i've come to know and solo
-WoW glitches (fall through the earth more please or ever seen an orc mage? you will)
-raids and boss kills
-BG hero
-UI mods are cool
-i'm bored, let's go on a world raid and kill some halfmen - a 2 man raid on the dwarves