some of my favorite WoW screens


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(saying hi to the dwarf king :) )

(who says horde are disliked in alliance towns? lawl)

(made rank 11 during ranking - lt general - rawr)

(ragnaros when molten core was the end-all 40 person raid crawl)

i have a screen in my warlord gear at home... i'll post later if there's interest in this thread :cool:
Oh man, if only I still had my old PC, I had so, so many WoW screenshots on it.

Here's screenshots from 3 different eras of WoW.

This was my clusterfuck of a UI that I used for a brief period when Wotlk came out.



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Here are some of me in Lich King.
I got server first for trial of the crusader and server first Algalon kill!
Oh also look at my spectral tiger :).
Man I've been away from wow for a year now!



And the nerds come outa the woodwork!

Haha... nah Sin those are some fukin sick screen shots.

I always loved the game but it was very time consuming. Only got to lvl 60 through recruit a friend in 3 days, and that is when the first hero class came out and owned my rogue. Deathknights I believe...
heres like one of the only old ones I can find. I fucking loved that hunter set when it came out. moving eyeballs!? fuck yea.

you know its old when your using KTM, old threat meter lol, I dont even remember what it stands for. my old shitty UI, Ive got a new one that I customized myself and Im lovin it.
4 bars at the bottom, xpearl me and target right above them, damage comes from my feet and scrolls down, tip tac so tooltips go on the mouse. it feels really nice and I have a lot of open room.


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Die you HORDES!!!!!

Alliance all the way :D

Hmm if i can find ill post some of mine.

I had

lvl 70 Rogue poison/assassination
lvl 70 Mage Fire or Ice
lvl 70 Warrior DPS or Tank
lvl 70 Druid Tank
lvl 70 Paladin Crusade
lvl 29 Rogue alt
lvl 60 Lock Curse

Man now i think back i was really addicted to this game -.-


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fair warning: i'm going to multi-post now and it very may well be looong haha

my first toon ever (10/04) was a dwarf hunter. i made it to 32 before i switched to a human mage. i loved the spell effects so much, i took screens like the total noob i was HAHA (my first flamestrike, arcane explosion and pyroblast ever lol)

went on a raid to cross-roads my first time ever a couple months later (all 12 of us! haha)

then changed to horde and stayed there the rest of my career. shortly after i made the change, warsong gulch came out for the first time... hours of waiting for queue time on alliance was supplanted by 30 to 40 minute queue times on horde - later, queues dropped to 5 to 10 minutes - lots of experience in a short amount of time

my first horde toon and my first bg ever (mace monkey):

by level 29, i had gotten the hang of things - these screens are dated 10/8 and 10/9/05

wow does wow just look 10x better than it used to, but I do definitely like how gear wasnt way over the top back then. now everything is really flashy, it sucks


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ok just a few more select shots for now

after the rogue came a shaman, a shadow priest and then my main, a mage

learning to kite: killed a guy 5 levels above me at the time ^^