Some disturbing things about EA and Origin.


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Doesn't bug me too much since my desktop is purely for gaming, but this is still disturbing news. Honestly tho how private is our info anymore? Google's "freeware" stores all your info forever... Facebook stores your info forever even if you delete your profile... As our processing power increases, brute force methods are becoming much easier and quicker....Just last week one of our governments satellites was supposedly hacked by the Chinese. Only choice of keeping sensitive data protected is don't have that data on the internet :-P, but who wants to be disconnected from the internet? Its so much fun haha

Ok Rant over -_- good night
ATT is nice in that it doesn't stop your data when you get texts and calls. Verizon is nice since it gets Data coverage in my area.... where as ATT doesn't.

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I like revenger's logic because it's about as accurate as you can get about the two mobile giants without going into each party's rhetoric.

Essentially AT&T is for users who can't focus or need to have access to the net while on the phone; whereas Verizon offers service in areas that AT&T have yet to or will never expand.
Also you guys should check out congresses E-PARASITE act. If you are at all disturbed by what EA and Google and Facebook are doing, you should be absolutely appalled at congress.