SoCal Meet Up


The 47 Ronin
I say we should have a meet up somewhere in/near Los Angeles County. Before we try to set a date or place, lets just see who exactly will show up. Post here if you are down to come nerd out in person!

el jorge loco

Staff member
I may go depending on when you are planning it for. I'm in school so I can't exactly request vacation days ahaha.

Also, I'm a fancy motherfucker, so I gotta be staying at decent lodgings, no ghetto Travelodge in the middle of Compton ahaha
I should be able to make it. Someone make a date. I start tutoring 20hrs/week in a couple weeks and then Sept 22nd I will be tutoring 25hrs/week, delivering pizza 20hrs/week, and doing 16 units at school. So preferably before then.


The 47 Ronin
Well I will suggest a few places, though they will of course be near me and I am open to go elsewhere if you guys have anything in mind. I don't know of any Dave and Busters in Los Angeles!

Mulligans in Torrance has a bunch of stuff. For 25 Bucks you get Unlimited Go-Karts, Rookie Go-Karts, Lazer Tag, Rock Wall, Paddle Boats, Jungle Jym & Miniature Golf. The only drawback to this place is it does not serve alcohol, its a family fun center so it would just be clean fun.

The Redondo Beach Pier has an Arcade, a few cool bars with live music, but it would be a more of a walk-around kind of meet rather than having a reserved table and would probably only be fun for people over 21. So I'm thinking this is out.

Universal Citywalk has a Jllians, heres the description: Jillian's is an eclectic dine n' game establishment for both children and adults featuring rock n' roll bowling under a cascade of neon lights, giant video screens, billiards and an adjoining arcade of state-of-the-art video games and virtual bowling. I've never been to this place, but I'm sure it could accommodate people of all ages and I'm sure we could find alcohol there or very close at a bar/restaurant.

I'd honestly be down to go to Knotts Berry Farm or something. haha IDK! What do you guys wanna do?