So who is moving from big banks to credit unions?


The main differences are gonna be fees and interest rates. Credit unions are not looking to ever hit you with fees unless it is really warranted. I literally overdraft from from my checking 3+ times per day. I purposely keep 0 in there so I can see my sum of money in my savings and not have to add the two.

Credit unions will try their best to get you good rates on your deposits and charge you lower interest rates. They rejected me for a loan when I was struggling and didn't really have steady income, I was kinda screwed because I don't have a credit card. To be honest, I probably couldn't have paid it back in a timely manner. I respect that they didn't give me as much as I wanted so they could screw me on interest like some banks would.

Bottom line: credit unions' goals are to help you, banks exist to help stockholders. Banks main existence is to help big big businesss and that's where a ton of profit comes from.
I will be making the move to CU...They have better rates..Less Fess,Friendlier Customer Service etc etc..Big Banks got bailed out with our Tax money..And now they are drilling us with fee's..Its a no Brainer..Make the Move..


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Never made account at big banks :p

Have 2 credit unions accounts right now.

I would recommend Kinecta or your college have credit union of themselves as well. Honestly I think credit unions are more beneficial compare to all these big banks.
And the way credit union works is also different from how banks works also as usually big companies will use credit unions like Raytheon and Boeing


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yes, my wife and i left citi as soon as they told us they were going to charge us for having a checking acct with them. $20 per month? really? and then you want to charge us for using their debit card? FU

we now bank with my company's credit union. depositing anywhere away from the main branch at work is a bit tricky, but other than that, i'm extremely happy with their rates ($0) and fees ($0)
Ditto for me too, Pure3ify. I was with Wells Fargo from college for about 8 years but I got fed up with fees from ATM, overdraft, calling their support. Switched over to Technology Credit Union here in the bay area and have had no complaints since. From my experience, my credit union definitely is there to help me. Not the blatant gouging of fees i had with wells fargo.
same here, moved to Technology credit union and happy w/ it

BoA and Wells didnt let me open an account with them but approved me for their credit cards instead, WTH? lol
WTF? i guess they figured they could make more from you using (i.e. maxing out) a credit card versus a debit/checking/saving. go figure. greedy bastards.