So who here uses google chrome?


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I love Chrome, I am starting to use it more often than FireFox.

I used it for a bit, but later i switched back to firefox. I stopped because at the time, there wasn't an ad blocker that was as good as adblock plus. Maybe I'll try it again sometime. I was really excited about PaleMoon, but it would constantly crash after about a month of use, so now I'm using firefox again.


I switched over in the earlier days of chrome. You might even say I am something of a fanboi. I refuse to touch any form of IE, especially on a friends computer (I value my accounts/passwords/banking information to highly)
Chrome ftw. I've used FF and it hogs my cpu. I do open a lot of tabs, but has anyone else had the problem with FF sometimes taking up more and more and more memory until your comp crashes? This has happened to me and a friend.


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ME! I am a fan of Google chrome. This browser is the best for me and i have been using it for like 2 and the half years already. It hardly gives me any problems, at the most only 1 or 2 misc problems.

el jorge loco

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Yeah, FF is a serious resource hog. The only reason I initially stopped using Chrome was because it didn't have ad-block plus, my ONLY draw to FF. But now that it does, I use it a lot more since it runs much smoother.