So now im a cop!

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
Did somebody say civil disobedience? That's my department.

Oh, and this:
holy shit, mac - haha the cop-stache + receding hairline = OWNAGE

if i also may critique the uniform, you need a baton, OC spray, taser, radio w/shoulder mounted mic, jurisdiction shoulder patches, including american flag, and a name plaque also ;) - very convincing on first blush, tho
Mac, you look genuine. You might want to consider a career in law enforcement. Local Beat: Fruitvale, Oakland CA.

el jorge loco

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civil, oh yeah, he's gonna need body armor there too, might as well have an m4 and a deagle on him, two flashbangs, 1 smoke, 1 grenade, helmet yeah, don't want to get HS'd..

FIRE IN THE HOLE! Get into position, and wait for my go.
Well, hopefully you will stay away from all dunkin doughnuts, or other doughnut shops, try and break the stereo type of racist cops with mustaches sitting at the doughnut shop. LOL

if you really are a police officer, Good job.


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Mack is wearing a cop costume so he can get free donuts every day!
Anyways, glad you are being successful! You show them how good you are!


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Best. Thread. Ever. (sorry jenn ;))

You defiantly look the part, hahahaha. I mean, if I was casting and needed the classic white cop, I'd throw you in there. The 'Stache is awesome. But add the radio a la Samuel L. in Lakeview ATerrace and you got it made.
I had to shave off the stash this morning cause i felt like a petafile when i looked in the mirror. I still havent gotten any free donuts and im still waiting on my DAMN LITER OF COLA!!

Also im aware of the mismatching uniform im not in the wardrobe department. And the whole time the road was blocked by CHP cars so the impersonating and officer thing wont come up. The best part was after the wrap i got the director of photography to snap pics of me doing wheelies in the uniform up and down the street. Im still waiting on copies to the picks.

The film will b at sundance this year and i can give details later as soon as we wrap

I got a few more funny moments ill share about "playing a cop" but im tired as fuck from another 13hour day and im going to sleep!