Request Unban so i dropped my mouse and i got banned from the office/dust2 pub

so ya, i was playing on office about an hour ago, and i just dropped my mouse, picked it up and i already got kicked. then i rejoined just to get called a bitch and a douche and got banned. yes the team was getting owned...

i know im in no position to ask for anything (come on, i boost other ppl's kdr), but i've been playing on the server for 3-4years, just cared enough to register on the forums and get this out. I still have no idea what happened.

thanks for providing the pub for all this time.
not sure who banned me, as it was said through admin, not trying to start anything. ill check back in a day to see if it's only a 1day ban or something. thanks for getting on this so quickly, so pro lol.

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Yes, mouse-dropping is definitely an offense we ban for. Don't ever ever drop your mouse. You're sure that was all that happened? If you'd post your steam ID and time/date you were banned it'd be helpful. If you know which 47Ronin banned you that would help also. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We try to run a clean server so if there was a mistake it'll get sorted out.

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Cut has no admin. And I would like to know who banned and what the story is behind the ban. Ice any way for me to check this?