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The 47 Ronin

REAL NAME :Mark Gately
AGE : 32

Location: Boonville, MO

Job : DJ-KDJ / Aspiring Singer - Needs Rock or Country Band :( / Self-Employed Computer Technician

About Me : Single/Divorced Father Raising 3 Great Kids. Done many varied Jobs but I enjoy computers the most. I Party Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard. I'm Patient and Very Observant. I try to be as equal to all as I can. I will give shirt of my back to those that need it but if you burn me I NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE YOU AGAIN. I Enjoy Music Greatly, I Worked hard to obtain my 1st Dan from my old teacher, but 1 year ago he committed Suicide.. so in a sense... I really am a RONIN..I workout daily, I'm always usually around a comp, So hit me up. Much more to me than just here, but a lot of you know that already..

Favorite Games : CSS, L4D2, BFBC2, C&C 3, FF2-10, StreetFighter, Mortal Kombat, RISK, CHESS, on and on.

Favorite Site : www.47r-squad.com, Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters, YouTube - Broadcast Yourself., [adult swim] - Watch TV Shows Online and Play Free Online Games, Comedy Central Official Site - TV Show Full Episodes & Funny Video Clips, FOX Broadcasting Company - Family Guy TV Show - Family Guy TV Series - Family Guy Episode Guide

Favorite Food : PorterHouse Steak w/A1 and Lobster Tail

Favorite Song : Somebody's Gotta Feel This!!!Fuck Yea.. Way Too Many More to Post tho.. But this is my probably tops.. I Karaoke it all the time when I can..and yes I KARAOKE!!!


The 47 Ronin
unfortunately no.. I only got to play Risk. and that was the board game.. but loved every moment of it.. don't let me get Australia :)
Lol, that is the key! Axis and Allies is just like Risk, only it's WWII and a much bigger pain in the ass to play. It is a lot more fun though.