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Snocap Application


New Member
Name: Craig

Age: 24

Location: New Jersey

In Game nickname/nicknames: Snocap, Snocap820, Splintered

Your favorite hobby: Audio Engineering and Playing Piano

Your favorite movie: Die Hard

Games you play: BF2, Final Fantasy Series, Guild Wars

How many hours a week are you online: 50 hrs

Your previous squad/team: Hell's Apocalypse

Why did you leave your last squad: Ragnorak Online beta ended

How long have you been playing in our server: Havent played in the server before.(Yet)

Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: I personally know Fuzion IRL, and wanted to join in on the Ronin fun :p .

Tell us about you: I have a degree in Audio Engineering, and skilled in fixing computers. I recently started a Media Restoration business with my father. I'm recently working with local libraries, to getting the word out to the public, on converting their memories to a digital format.


Staff member
Thank you for your interest in The 47 Ronin,
Please be very active on the forums and server and be sure to use ventrilo whenever you are gaming.