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SNES Classic / Retro talk


The 47 Ronin
Sparkin' up some chitchat. Just curious since we're gamers, who's all into the retro stuff.

While I thought the NES Classic was neat, I wasn't feeling the need until getting a little caught up in the hype, seeing how they were so insanely difficult to get a hold of (and the prices they were going for). Actually, the measly 30 games, most I didn't like, were what had me saying, "meh." At least, until I read of hacks allowing more games to be added.

During the NES madness, I put together a Raspberry Pi w/ Retropie and it's pretty awesome. That could be a whole other thread. I saw the SNES Classic coming out after that and though, why bother w/ the Retropie playing NES, SNES, Genesis, Mame, etc (literally several thousand games).

After all that, I was still suffering from "fear of missing out." About a week ago, there was news Target would have some SNES in stock for Red Card members (limit 1) and I set my alarm to get a shot and managed to snag one.
I haven't yet decided if I'd keep it or sell, so I'm in no hurry to open it up. Knowing me, I have a good feeling it'd be all exciting for about a week until the newness of it wears off. Then it'll collect dust among the other devices.
I'd love to see if Nintendo makes good on their claim that they would have better SNES stock available than the NES chaos.

@el jorge loco , this is on my desk at work. You know I gotta incorporate LEGO in there somehow. ;)


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Every time I go back to enjoy one of the "classics", I always end up with that same feeling a very short time later once I begin my stroll down memory lane...

"Holy shit this game sucks ass!! How the hell did I spend that many hours playing it!!"


My memory of those experiences far outweigh any enjoyment those games are going to bring me today.