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Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by Space Cowboy, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy The 47 Ronin

    Just post what phone you have and any kind of modifications you have made to it, i.e. rooting, flashing roms, jailbreaking, overclocking...

    right now im running a mytouch 4g rooted with royalginger 2.1, overclocked 1.3GHz (smartass gov), gingerbread leaked radio, i get 12-24 hours battery life easily with moderate to heavy use.

    what about everyone else...
  2. built[4]sin

    built[4]sin Staff Member Moderator

    HTC Shift and i dig it

    i know dick about modding these phones... the how's or the why's lol
  3. Surrender

    Surrender The Ronin Enforcer The 47 Ronin

    i run a atrix and im loving the dual cores. its running on the crappy custom moto 2.2 froyo but ive read that the 2.3 gingerbread is coming real soon and its gonna be beast for the atrix. one of the things is "Battery life is substantially improved; with GMail and Exchange syncing, battery easily lasts over a day" which is awesome cause my battery already lasts very very close to 2 full days with moderate use. excited! but i havent played around with rooting it. i did have a jailbroken 3GS before i switched to droid though...
  4. A-Rich

    A-Rich The 47 Ronin

    Still an OG Droid rooted & overclocked to a measly 800MHz.

    Can't wait to upgrade later this year, at the same time, always curious what's around the corner. I know whatever I get, something cooler will be out 47 days later and I'll be resenting it for another 2 years. We joked about iPhones being replaced yearly and now new Android phones seem to come out every other week. :p Bieber 6G!
  5. blu

    blu Member

    Android evo 4g. I haven't looked into overclocking yet but I should since now I use this phone for everything! battery is lasting about 12 hours.
  6. -L-

    -L- The 47 Ronin

    I got the evo 4g w/ extended battery.
    also have 2.3 installed but i swear it messed up parts of my phone :/
    a good app to save battery for android phones
    juice defender: JuiceDefender - battery saver - Android Market
    if you're running a phone that can allow 3rd party installations i can get you the ultimate version free. I recommend ultimate for the full customization.
  7. WhiteWalls

    WhiteWalls Member

    i had an iphone 3g, it was jailbroken, but when i jailbroke it, it started getting slow as hell
    my contract expired
    so i got an iphone 4 and havent jailbroken it or over clocked it, idk how to over clock
    and i get 48 - 56 hours of battery life, if its just the usual texting, which i text a lot 100+ messages a day
  8. blu

    blu Member

    How do you get it for free :D ?
  9. -L-

    -L- The 47 Ronin

    first you need to enable unknown sources located under

    Ill pm you the other details
  10. CutScene

    CutScene Member

    Evo 3d. Still stock, but waiting for root. There's a temp root out but I have decided to pass until full root.
    Just OK battery life, lasts the whole day, but it gets sketchy towards the night.

    3D is actually pretty cool but has no practical use. The phone is fast though, so fast I'll probably underclock when I get root.

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