Sim City 5 Trailer

The New SimCity Looks Gorgeous And Lively

I'm pretty excited for this. I honestly hope they incorporate a lot of the ideas brought forth by the NAM mod for SC4. For those that don't know, NAM was a module..ated? yes...Module-ated mod for SC4 that brought in various new roads. From a standard 4 lane road, to a 4 lane ave, to 3 lane ave, up to 8 lane aves. Same thing goes for express ways, underpasses for cars(as in under the ground) customizable on-ramps for highways, trains, etc. It simply took all the networking tools for your city and expanded them, as well as adding in better algorithms so the sims would make use of transportation more than 5 blocks away.

Anyhow, really excited as I have been playing this series since the original.


The 47 Ronin
lol @Godzilla 1:04.

I want to buy this, but not if EA is like 60$ for game, DLC releases in a week, then a premium monthly package for moar money. Ya know I just dont give a fuck about what EA has to release anymore, they havn't addressed the public at all about the shitty jobs they've been doing to the gaming community. If EA doesn't shape up then I'm done with them, like I am with Ubisoft, they are a turn off for me now too. Valve is almost the only gaming company that gives me a heart warm when I think about it anymore, and minecraft.

It's almost like what they did to D3, theres no monthly subscription, you just have to pay 50-80$ a month for your internet so you can play the game.. too many restrictions these days..