Sick video videogame Paintball



The 47 Ronin
I watched this the other day and sent it to my friend whos a paint fanatic.. he fuckin loved it, it really is a sick ass video.
I've played competitive ball for about 9 years now and this video was amazing! Brought back sooo many memories! The part in the video where he slides in and pops the guy reloading and his paint flies everywhere, reminded me of a time when I was playing in a 3's tournament and both my teammates got hit off the break, so it was me vs. 3. I run to the right side "snake" and bunker a kid when he has absolutely no idea I was coming. He was right in the middle of reloading his hopper and I came around the corner, popped him in the back a few times and he just flung his pod and paint went everywhere, it was glorious. I ended up pulling off a 3v1 to put us in the finals. =p


The 47 Ronin
sick vid saint. the producer really pulled it off sticking together all those vids you wouldnt notice unless you're actually looking for the stitching