Sick..... ARGH.....

Blood Fiend

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So i woke up yesterday starting to get sick, and here i am today full blow sickness, head cold to the max. Some one use there voodoo and yank this evil cold from my face as fast as it entered. Bucklys is my friend, Wont you be my neighbour?


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You can try to drink the evil out of you. It doesn't always work though FYI and can in fact make you worse. I can't recall how many times I've taken this gamble and woke up feeling like a hundred bucks or feeling like a zombie. Or another thing I do is get a few packs of the immune boosters from 711 or wherever, if you catch it early enough and OD on vitamin C it kicks your colds ass.


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Just give it time Blood. Drink lots of water and get lots of sleep, if you don't keep on waking up to go pee! Seriously, just get lots of rest.
It appears this sickness has also ruined your spelling and grammar.

How do your tonsils feel? If they are swollen or red, avoid eating too much sugary stuff (slow digesting sugars would be better).

Like tuc0 said, tons and tons of water and sleep. If you're vitamin deficient, now wouldn't be a bad time to take some.

Blood Fiend

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thanks gentlemen. gentle man. men. man. Anyways, yah i gave up drinking alcohal when i started taking OXYS for my pain when i wrecked my shoulder. Narcotics and Alcohal don't mix very well. See derek boogard. But yah, vitamin C tastes good too lol. Lots of water, no pop, lots of water, no pop. LOL, thanks guys.