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September 11, 2001, The 47 Ronin Remembers!


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Today we commemorate the date of those innocent people who lost their lives by the terrorist attack that we all know as 9/11/01.
I remember when I went to school that day (Middle school) and everyone turned the TV and we stood there for hours in shock on what transpired. It was a sad day. We had relatives that lived in NYC, it took us days to try to get a hold of them because in some areas the phone lines were down. Fortunately none of my relatives were hurt, but it was traumatic for them and their children after what happened that day. It was comforting after what happened that our president declared war against the terrorists and bring them to justice!



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Hopefully one day in our human lives we can learn to live with one another, War sucks ass, which is also why I'm out in a month.


The 47 Ronin
RIP to all of the innocent people who lost their lives on that day. I was in 4th grade, will never forget it. I however have a strong opinion about what really happened, but that's beside the fact.

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The 47 Ronin
I was a Junior in H/S when this went down...I was sitting in 1st period class when the announcement was made - TV's turned on and we saw the second plane plow into the WTC on live broadcast. Was chilling :(


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I had just graduated from HS. Starting my freshman year of college. remember the school clothes and Beale AFB. Shutting and locking the base down, we still lived on base.


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i was in 4th grade too... i just remember seeing the building on fire, then i saw the 2nd plane go in, and the reporter on the t.v who was currently talking, nearly lost it on live t.v. thats the most memorable part the anchor was trying to calm the reporter down.

i was also mad jelly of the kids getting pulled out of class that day... ugh.


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of course editing of posts isn't enabled on this one thread... ANYWAYS i remember the following months and watching the invasion of afghanistan on the news. very memorable. also george bush's e[ic speecdh at ground zero. hate the guy as much as you want, we were all behind him at that point.