Screen names!

A couple of friends and I would go down to a cyber cafe and play the original Counter Strike. One day we ran into some other people there and decided to play against them. We were thinking of good names to use and someone suggested the McDonalds characters. I was The Hamburglar, and the name stuck. That was about 14 years ago or so...
well, grego started when stevo was fucking awesome back in the day xD although it is part of my name. the my oldest buddy since second grade and I were making eggo waffles while we were high and he just kinda said, gregomyeggo! and we laughed hysterically as high people do.. though I dont use "gregomyeggo" on counterstrike often, I like to throw it up sometimes for a nostalgic feeling. :D
note: i dont smoke any more
and woot for cyber cafe's I played at a cyber cafe for two years damn near every day.. those places are fucking awesome, too but the one by my house closed down :(


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Yeah I played at three different internet cafes that all closed down within months of me first going there. One of them let me bring in beer even though I wasn't 21. haha Oh and my original name on css was dee and when I first started playing I was in climbing servers only pretty much, I got admin in this one server and so did giants. Giants would just call me a noob all the time and after a few days or weeks he was like "dee, your a noob. dee+noob=doob." This is also how I found out about the 47r server, following him in and sucking ass against all you guys.


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my name steams from my military service.... and lack of being able to take a shower and spending time in swamps and what have you..... im sure you can fill in the rest.