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Scary/horror Games

Dick Cheney

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I thought scary movies were enough but god damn.

Game Title:

Game release year:

Genre of Game:

Reason you like:

Rate on how scary it is(1-10):

Game Title: Amensia: The Dark Descent

Game release year: 2010

Genre of Game: Action, Adventure, Indie

Reason you like: Shits scary! hahahaha

Rate on how scary it is (1-10): Fuck idk what to compare it to so I guess a 8 lol.



That game was scary as shit. Definitely 8 and above.

Original Fear was pretty scary too. Lot of tense moments.

Dick Cheney

New Member
Fuck man im playing the demo right now to see if i want to buy it and im recording myself with my webcam in the dark at the beach. Ill upload it to my youtube and post on here lol.


yea silent hill fucks with me xD although I havent played it in helllllaaa long... I couldnt play it as a child unless someone was there.
Return to castle Wolfenstein
released in 2001
shooter/horror/sci fi
I played lots of games but there is nothing like fighting off zombies and nazis in a crypt with a few bullets and a knife in the dark
9/10 scary you can get it on steam, its worth it