Was just wondering if anyone has used this? it looks like an EXTREMELY easy overclocking tool from the screenshots. I mean wow, you dont have to dump through bios...
also, I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs that help with overclocking amd processors? cause I have an amd phenom 2 x4 940 black edition 3.0 ghz, and I'de look to bump it up to 3.2, but My motherboard does not allow me to overclock... it just doesnt, trust me ive tried nearly everything in the bios.
ive tried overclocking through the bios... but Im also not an expert, idk if my mobo just doesnt allow it or what. but when I try to overclock it just wont start up. could anyone tell me whats the problem there? i'de like to honestly boost my processor up to 3.5 ghz instead of 3.2 but I dont see it happening on this mobo.