Hey there! My name is Andrew, I'm 20 years old and currently a college student at Missouri State University. My in-game name is rev and I've been playing Counter-Strike for about 10 years now and currently play CS, CS:S, TF2, LoL, WoW and will be picking up BF3 and CSGO when they release. I love paintball, sports, cars, my laptop, modding my phone, and trees. ;) I've been playing CS and WoW with Awoll and Sakin for years now and look forward to playing with you all and making some new friends!


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Welcome to the forums Rev. Been playin BC2 with sakin and awoll a lot lately and look forward to playing some BF3 with you. THe BF3 beta will hopefully release sooner than later:(

lol, Oregon played MSU yesterday!