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RYSE: son of rome


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i'll be frank. i'm not sure if i was way tp busy with real life or not, for hearing about this game, but IN MY OPINION its not one you should skip.

i don't have the graphics to run this on full, but i promise you if you have a good video card this game basically pays for itself.

yes it gets a bit hacky/slashy, but you develop a understanding of it and adap

honestly it gets insanely epic at points, and their are low points. not to take anything away from it, but the high points are extremely theatrical... still its worth it.

a short version? its like batman arkham asylum game but with a lot less puzzles (but still some) and although the story itself fell flat at about 65% it came back and has me on a full vendetta to finish it

8.5/10 you should play


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cool to hear you enjoyed it. I got a xbox one on launch and ryse was a launch game. its def a hack/slash action adventure game but its fun and enjoyable. nothing remarkable but worth a play I agree. my score would be more like a 7/10 just my 2 cents