BANNED Rooney for TeamFlashing


The 47 Ronin
I agree with the day ban. I have nothing against the guy, he is usually cool and just plays the game, but every once in a while he will team flash over and over. I don't get it, but it needs to stop!
yea i dont think he does it with full awareness. just clumsy with his nades. There were a couple guys on a few days ago that were playing only to team flash. i think they were driving cheney up the tree. Just a suggestion maybe give non-Admin members the ability to kick players? It would help to keep the server more clean and facilitate in happy gameplay. Ever since the start of the summer there have been a flux of hackers and mischievous kids on the 47r server and its not always practical to call for an admin or disturb an admin playing in another game etc. just to kick a guy so that he learns his lesson. Just something to think about.