Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Don't read if you haven't seen the movie. Or expect to be spoiled.

Just saw this today. Such a great storyline. The cgi ape was more of the main character than James Franco.
Pretty much rooted for the Apes as they ran buck wild in SF. I live in SF too and don't remember them filming.
There were some parts apparently applaud worthy in my theater that I was watching at.

They made it look like there might be a sequel since the virus was carried on to the plane. Anyone think that New York gonna get wiped out?
Part of me wish the humans had killed more apes at the GG bridge.
An ape riding a horse... just like in the OG film was cool.
Sillie Draco Malfroy had the "dirty ape" line. Homage.

Blood Fiend

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LOL DAMN DIRTY APES...i never liked that snakey malfoy kid...

Another movie i want to see... I always have a list, but i never end up seeing them in theater.... I guess beucase im single.
I JUST SAW IT! lol I think it was a great movie. Haha yes "Damn Dirty Apes" haha. Possibility of a sequel = yes! Virus most likely will be used for a sequel.