RIP civil servant


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Most of you don't know civil, he was the first admin I encountered on the 47r CS servers.... back in 2009. and the only one to lobby for me not being banned when i was a stimulated drugged uP shit lord. :D It is more than that, however much more. Im so sorry for anyone who is hearing this for the first time. Rest in peace Thomas Henderson.


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We had this on the private forums a thread about it, I guess I'll keep this open. Rip civil, one of the 47 ronin OG members!


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I really really miss civil right about now, even though he hasn't been active... he's had a huge impact on me, i'l add @yarr to this list who he helped. sorry i know im not the most active but nobody; irl gets how big of a loss this was for me. blergh. old school family
Wow, I did not know he died. I'm sorry to hear he passed as many 47-r players probably are. Civil was a good guy and I have fond memories of him.


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tom has left a hole in my life that cant be replaced. but he also made me the man i have become. miss that mother fucker so much. used to message him every tiny accomplishment i made, and he was always there. RIP.
I know I haven't been on in 10+ years but damn I remember playing with civil every day, along with many other members. So sorry to hear his passing.


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Yup, I remember Civil very well during the 'golden years' of 47R CS:S server. He was a good man. His lengthy posts were always full of wits and were fun to read. Met him in person too at the 47R gathering at Milpitas way back when.