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    Real Name: Kyle
    Age: 22
    Job: Part Time manager at Burger King/Student at Rhode Island College
    Something about yourself: Been playing counter strike on and off since 2001. From New England. Big sports fan.
    Favorite game: Halo's, Counter Strike, Gears of War, Half-Life's
    Favorite site to visit: MSNBC/FOXNEWS, ESPN, Cracked, I visit Facebook a lot but i don't like it.
    Hobby: Writing and Sports
    Favorite Food: Pizza and Steak... and Mozzarella sticks
    Favorite song: The Offspring - The Kids Aren't alright

    I moved recently so I'm still without a solid internet connection until late July. Hope to be back on the server soon.
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    Welcome to the forums and welcome to the squad buddy!

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